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There’s One CRUCIAL Thing That Wealth Builders Everywhere Are NOT Talking About:

Have you ever stopped to consider why there are so many entrepreneurs out there who, on the outside, are living the life they’ve always wanted…

…but aren’t truly happy with their lot? There IS a reason for that. I always tell my students that material goods will never bring us the happiness we desire. Don’t be fooled by the sports car, the mansions, and exotic vacations…

What we see on the outside is far from the complete picture.The reason why so many entrepreneurs feel like there’s something missing from their life despite all their ‘visual’ success…

…is because something IS missing. But it’s not just something they can buy. What they’re lacking is something that millions of people go through their entire lives without realizing…

Let Me Tell You The Most Important Lesson I’ve Learned In My 40+ Years On This Planet:

Mental abundance is NOT the same thing as material abundance. 

In other words: The most successful entrepreneurs are able to find fulfillment and success that goes BEYOND the number of zeros on their paycheck.

And I can only tell you this after years of living a lie: I was born into a low-income family in a single-parent home in Harlem, NYC - so by all accounts, I was never destined for greatness. 

So most people would say that because I was able to secure a position as a teller in a bank at the age of 19, I should have been fulfilled...

But I wasn’t.

Most people would say that after becoming a VP at one of the largest banks in the country at 24, I should have been fulfilled. But I wasn’t.

Most people would say that after becoming CEO of a federally chartered bank at 31, I should have been fulfilled. But I wasn’t.

The fact was that I’d lived my entire life focusing on developing my skills and pushing myself to the next level… but I never truly stopped to think about the ‘why’ of what I was doing.

And As A Result:

I’d Lost Sight Of The ‘Me’ I Truly Was And How I Actually Wanted To Live My Best Life

Despite my income, I didn’t feel like I was making an impact in the world, and I knew somehow I was destined for more. Something had to change, and I knew it.

So after 10+ years working in the banking industry, I became a full-time entrepreneur and wealth coach. Instead of being stuck behind a desk 24/7, working with guys in suits who didn’t share the same ambitions as me:

I was finally working with MY kind of people.

I transformed from Ash Exantus into Ash Cash - the hip-hop financial motivator. And I experienced higher levels of abundance, both mental AND material, than I ever had while working in corporate America. I’ll let you in on a little secret:
It had NOTHING to do with my skills and EVERYTHING to do with putting my mindset first:
  • Surrounding myself with the right people
  • Setting myself goals that I actually wanted to achieve
  • ​Getting the accountability I needed to get ahead and stay ahead
And all of that is something that ANYONE can achieve… 

After my transformation: I wanted to make sure that others had what they needed to follow in my footsteps: So they could find that same level of fulfillment and ‘plug the gap’ that’s been plaguing them for too long…

That’s why I created The Abundance Community.

Introducing The Abundance Community:

A one-of-a-kind society where like-minded people connect and learn to live their best lives

One Community. One Mission: To help you understand that abundance is your birthright! 

We give you the tools, resources, and community that you need to reach the mental and material abundance you’ve always dreamed of - RIIGHT NOW!

Here’s Exactly What’s Waiting For You Inside:

  • Get Inspired And Motivated Into Action With The Daily Ash-piration
  • Get All Of Your Business, Finance, And Life Questions Answered With Weekly Ask Ash Cash Office Hours
  • Access To The Abundance College Premium Programs
  • Access To Private Networking Events For The Community
  • ​Discounts On Tickets To Ash Cash Live Events
  • Early Access To Abundant Conversations Episodes Before We Release To The Public
  • ​Monthly Book Club Selections & Discussions
  • ​MindRight Radio VIP All Access
  • ​Exclusive Behind The Scene Content

What Makes The Abundance Community Different?

While other coaches and mentorship groups focus on teaching you new skills and wealth-building techniques: The Abundance Community focuses on mindset shifting first.

By helping students develop an understanding of universal laws and the power of principles, we truly set you up for future success. 

There’s a reason I’m called a ‘financial motivator’ and not just another ‘financial expert:’ (If I’d wanted that title, I would have stayed in a bank!)

I use a culturally responsive approach to teaching wealth, entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency, and financial empowerment that people can actually get behind!

Without relying on graphs, charts, or spreadsheets: I’ve touched millions of lives and helped people create the impact as well as the income they’ve always wanted to make.

Here’s What Some Of Our Community Members Have To Say About Their Experience:

You Don’t Have To Chase Your Dreams Alone For A Second More:

After leaving the banking sector, I had NOBODY in my circle. No one to bounce ideas off, hold me accountable, or provide me with the motivation I needed to keep going.

I was the ‘black sheep’ of my friends who wasn’t prepared to walk the path most followed and settle into one single career for the rest of my life.

Take it from me: Choosing not to settle in a life you’re not happy with is something to be proud of! It’s essential that you’re reminded of that fact every day. That’s what The Abundance Community can offer you…

…and that’s without mentioning the countless tools, resources, and feedback other members will share with you! 

Everything you need to live your best life is right here.

The tribe you’ve been searching for is right here. The feeling of accomplishment you’ve been searching for is right here. How much would that kind of educational and emotional support cost you anywhere else?

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It’s all possible with the support of The Abundance Community. Remember, abundance is your birthright - all you have to do is reach out and claim it!
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